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Lead Generating Web Design and Digital Marketing

Design With WordPress

Wordpress is a platform changing the way websites are designed and managed forever. The advanced feautres of the platform allows for simple updates and maintenance to your site, and build truly dynamic pages without learning code.

Mobile Ready

We will ensure you site is viewable on all types of devices.  All of our sites are optimized for viewing, and the end user’s experience on mobile, tablet and desktop browsing.

Marketing Channels

After designing your new site we can create a marketing plan that will help your brand grow online using the different online tools at your disposal.  Blogging, e-mail marketing, and social media can be used to engage and grow your audience.

Always Learning

Online marketing is a continuously evolving, with new tools and platforms being developed daily.  There is always something new for me to learn which can help you gain an edge on your competitors.


Alex Cleanthous

Alex Cleanthous

Head Creative

I’ve always wanted to work with small businesses.  I believe in people investing themselves and build something that can lead to a lifetime of success.  I find entrepreneurs have an attitude, and excitement about work, and business that I find drives me to be the best.  I only want to work with those that want to


Home Office Dog

Ozzie is the dog that keeps the show going.  An American Bulldog, she makes sure Alex get’s lots of walks and keeps him company while he spends time learning and growing his online marketing business.

When working with a new client the first step is to meet and discuss what you’re web design needs are.

  • Do you currently have a site that isn’t effective?
  • Are you a new company looking to put your best foot forward online?

During our discussion, I won’t be doing all the talking.  I want to learn as much about your business, and the brand you are trying to grow.  This discussion is vital for ensuring our work is effective for your bottom line.


After our initial discussion the desing process begins.   We will examine you the compeititors in your market, and create a design that improves where their designs are inadequate, or fail to convert a browser into a buyer of your product or service.

With a clear picture for your brand, I will begin complining graphics and preparing the design for your new WordPress site.


The final step in I collaboratively perfect the design.  I want your feedback to ensure that final product is something you are proud to showcase for your business.

We will also setup and discuss the tools that will allow you to optimize, maintain and grow your presences online.  Search engine optimization, social media, and blogging are all tools to which can be utilized to create effective marketing online.